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Watch this video as Nurse Chioma reveals more details about the what you'll watch in the replay class.


A comprehensive review that adapts to your personalized needs

Whether you are struggling to finish nursing school, taking the NCLEX exam or need a refresher before you complete your CCRN certification, we got you covered.

Learn Nursing Content In A Way That Makes Sense

Learn The...

Core content you need to know that covers medical surgical nursing in a organized pattern 

Know How To...

Think like a nurse so you can begin to quickly identify real life scenarios with practical nursing interventions. 

Discover The...

Updates that will keep in the loop with current evidence based practice protocols and new nursing trends and changes. 

What We Will Cover

Here's an elaborate review that you'll have access to in this replay class.

  • A breakdown of different disease processes frequently seen in the acute care hospital setting that illustrates keys to signs and symptoms to look out for along with immediate short term and long term nursing interventions. 
  • The physiological development of the human body from infancy to adulthood.  
  • A review of medications separated into multiple classifications, medication administration, and appropriate precautionary interventions based on the potential side and adverse effects. 
  • A review of infection protocol, patient safety, and hand washing techniques. 
  • A review of mental health disorders and how to combat patients suffering from chronic mental health problems. 
  • A review of prioritization and delegation within the scope of practice of nursing assistant, the licenses practical nurse, the registered nurse and the nurse practitioner. 
  • A review of basic patient care needs and how and when to implement then in cases such as pre-op and post op care, monitoring labs and handling chest tubes. 

Here's What You Will Gain:

  1. Learn a practical review of medical surgical nursing as an acute care nurse that ranges from topics of common diseases, nursing procedures and critical care scenarios.

  2. Discover a complete plan that highlights important aspects of nursing and nursing care with a formattable execution in as little as 6 weeks to as high as 6 months.

  3. Tailored to your needs. This review allows you to extract any and all pertinent information you need based on where you are in your nursing journey

How To Get Started

We want to show you how to get started so you can receive the best results from this class.

Step 1: Complete Our Free Nursing Simulation Test

Whether you are taking your NCLEX exam a year from now, next month or you need to refresh your nursing skills, this practice test will allow you to hone in on the nursing topic areas you are weak in so you know where your focus needs to be.

Step 2: Identify your level 

Once you complete the test, now it’s time for you to identify which areas are your fundamental weaknesses. These are broken into four main areas. Once you complete your test, you will receive a training via email that will help you to identify weak level whether it is the disease processes, pharmacology and treatment, nursing care or just being able to identify critical thinking scenarios. 

Step 3: Get your replay and get your study ON!

We want this experience to be as personalized as it possibly can. Once you have your test results, download it and then keep it close so you can review and use them to take notes on what you need to focus on and HOW you need to study. 



We are excited to be with you in this journey! Our vision is to help resolve the nursing shortage by providing resources like these to help you become successful. Join us today and get your study ON!


As you are getting the replay, we want you to have all the tools to get ready for your exam! In addition to the replay for the class, when you register, you will get our Body Systems Crash Course; The Question Bank 300; Pharmacology and Maternal Health Trainings FOR FREE! Let's get your study ON and sign up today!


Each video is about 30 minutes to 1 hour long and will cover the following topics below:

1. The cardiovascular system- Learn more about the heart, the lab values, and how to grasp the function of how this system works.

2. The respiratory system- Receive teaching to help you to better understand this system as well as lung sounds, and interpreting arterial blood gases.

3. The lymphatic system- Understand the network of the lymphatic system and what it means for the exam.

4. The digestive system- Obtain access to this hour long teaching on the digestive system.

5. The integumentary and endocrine system- Learn more about the hormones involved in this system and how this effects the dynamics of the patient.

6. The muscular system- Receive adequate teaching to better help you to understand the makeup of this system.

7. The skeletal system- Now it's time to learn the skeletal system and how it holds everything together.

8. The urinary system- Learn more about the dynamics of the urinary system and how it effects the long term health of the patient.

9. The nervous system- Discover the what the nervous system is and how it connects to the muscular system.

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"Hi I thank you so much for all the support for how to manage the time to study. I was a little nervous for the test anyway, since God is able I finally passed after hardworking. May God continue to bless you on this job of helping others to pass this test. "


"I passed my NCLEX RN. Thank you guys so much for the resources you guys provide through your program "

Registered Nurse

Who This Class Is For

For individuals who have graduated or are near graduation from an accredited nursing school based within or outside of the United States and need an in depth nurse refresher class that introduces them to relevant nursing knowledge and content that will prepare them to excel in preparation for nursing certification, nurse licensure examination or clinical practice. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long will I get access to the product?

A: You will have access for 6 months.

Q: Is this class good for students who are planning to take NCLEX exam within the next 30 to 60 days?

A: Yes it is. It is made for individuals who have graduated from nursing school and need an in depth nurse refresher class that introduces them to relevant nursing knowledge and content that will prepare them to excel in preparation for nursing certification, nurse licensure examination or clinical practice. Feel free to take a look at what the class covers on top.

Q: When will I get access to all the Bonuses?

A: As soon as you purchase the replay class, you will automatically have access to the free bonus of all the products previously mentioned.


Q: How do I get access to everything?

A: Once you register, you will immediately see the login button on the thank you page, you will also get a confirmation email with your login information (check your spam). If you're still having problems then please visit the "Help" section of our website to walk you through how to login. 

 Q: Is the same as the homestudy programs? 

A: No this is a completely different program/class. Most of the content covered in this class will not be the same content covered in the homestudy program. 




  1. You will get a welcome email with access to the membership site where you'll be able to access the replay and the bonus products.
  2. You will be immediately redirected into the membership site to start watching your free bonus course. 
  3. Watch at your own pace and time and take notes while studying. Let's get your study ON!

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A Letter From The Instructor:

Hi, thanks for reading this. I'm truly humbled that you are even on this page right now. I want you to know that I understand the challenges you must be facing right now with trying to pass your NCLEX exam.

You've been through many setbacks, ups and downs and just the day to day challenge of not yet being licensed. It burdens me when I see people like yourself not being able to fulfill their nursing dreams because of this exam.

This is why I'm so committed to discover new and even better ways in which I can help you. I created this crash course class in order to give the core content and specifics you need to pass this test within a short period of time. This is the same content review that I have used amongst hundreds of other nursing graduates who have struggled to pass before but then were successful after receiving our help.

People who failed multiple times, graduated internationally or were just fearful first time test takers and this information gave them the confidence they needed to take the exam and pass once and for all. I know this class will help you tremendously and I ready to see you soar and succeed! 

Go ahead and register today and let's get started!

I'll see you in class!


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