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70 Diseases Cheat Sheet

This ultimate guide contains diseases, medications, procedures, nursing acronyms, psychotropic medications and more that you need to know for the NCLEX exam

What's Included

  • Knowing the medical surgical diseases is important for the exam, but understanding them in a simple way is even better.

  • Pharmacology can be very difficult to study. However there's a much simpler way to learn the medications illustrated with this pharmacology table.

  • Learn psychosocial disorders, psychotropic medications, and therapeutic communication.

  • For the NCLEX exam, you need to be familiar with these frequently tested nursing procedures covered in the cheat sheet.

  • One the basics to understanding the content is knowing the meaning of fluids and electrolytes and how to respond when they are high and low.

  • Arterial blood gas interpretation is very simple once you break it down in steps as explained in this guide.

NCLEX Pharmacology Cheat Sheet

Obtain access to lists of multiple medication classifications in an easy and organized layout, the step by step to dosage calculation equations, pharmacological medical terms and more.

Our Pharm Cheat Sheet

What's Included

  • Discover specific pharmacological medical terms so you understand the pharmokinetics of this category
  • Learn the step by step pattern to correctly setting and answering drip factors and dosage calculations
  • Obtain access to lists of multiple medication classfications in an easy and organized layout
  • Critical thinking questions to help you make the right connections so you can apply the content to the exam. 
  • Receive in depth teaching about high alert medications and the approrpriate nursing precautions
  • Learn the different blood and blood products and the appropriate steps for blood product administration and blood transfusion reactions
  • Understand multiple types of food and drug interactions 
  • And more!

Understanding EKGs Cheat Sheet

This is an interactive guide that reviews EKG rhythms, correct interpretation and more

What's Included


  • What normal rhythms looks like
  • What is the normal beats or seconds for each segment of the rhythm
  • What are the signs of symptoms of each rhythm
  • What are the normal medical or pharmacological interventions for that specific rhythm
  • What are the nursing interventions for that rhythm
  • What are the risk factors and the causes for that rhythm
  • And what are all the potential types of rhythms which includes: Sinus rhythms, Atrial rhythms
    Ventricular rhythms, Junctional rhythms , All the blocks, Abnormal rhythm segments (PVCs, PJCs, etc)

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Q: Is this bundle for Nursing Students, NCLEX-RN test takers or NCLEX-PN test takers?

A: This is for all three. Nursing Students, NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN test takers. The information provided will help with nursing fundamentals as well as medical surgical nursing which is needed for all three types of individuals.


Q: How do I access the bundle once I sign up for it?

A: As soon as you sign up, you will automatically be redirected to a thank you page with the login link to access the materials. 


Q: How long do I have access to everything?

A: You can download the guides immediately and the videos from the labs you will have access to for 3 months. 

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