You Need A Strong Study Plan

Adequately preparing for the NCLEX exam is not just about learning a bunch of information but creating a fool proof plan based on where you currently stand for your exam. 


You Will

Identify the best way for you to create an integrative study plan for your NCLEX exam based on your weak areas 

You Will

Understand what specific content you should study for your exam so you don't waste your time studying content that you already know

You Will

Learn how to THINK  differently for the exam so you can dramatically increase your critical thinking skills

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Here's What You Will Receive

Step 1: Complete Your Pre-Assessment 

You will receive access to a 75 questions RN and a LPN pre-assessment to help you identify where you stand today with the exam. You will also receive an answer key along with your results automatically sent after you take the test. 

Step 2: Video Feedback

After you complete the test, you will then watch a video that will explain what your results means as a test taker and how to change your study habits moving forward.

Step 3: Analysis & Study Plan

Pair After you review the video training, you will also get a PDF result which will state the areas you are weak in based on your results as well as what you specifically need to start studying moving forward. Your results will be either red, yellow, green or purple based on your test percentage. 

Step 4: Video Trainings

Once you complete those steps, now you will start reviewing the video trainings to help you to better understand what you are missing, how to better understand the content, how to learn pharmacology and how to retain the information so you can become a much better test taker. 

Step 5: Assessment Quizzes

After you have completed the video trainings, you will then have access to five additional assessment quizzes to help you monitor how well you are improving with studying and your preparation for your exam. 

Here's Why This Is Different

This is not just a bunch of information but this program will provide the clarity and insight necessary to help you gain understanding towards the exam.

One the biggest problems many test takers do not realize they are experiencing when you it comes to the exam is that they do not truly understand why they are failing. They have SOME idea but not true facts. This program is going to equip you with not just the facts, but the plan, the strategies and the insight you need to really gain a very strong comprehension so you can succeeed. 

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Learn how to completely shift the way you look at this exam by truly honing into the areas you are struggling with the most

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you purchase now, you will get access to the both the assessment 2.0 program as well as the Body Crash Course for 3 months access. 

There is no "trial period" but you receive access to everything immediately for 3 months. 

The program contains six units with 12 approximately 1 hour video lessons, 3 download PDFs, 1 large initial assessment test, 3 assessment quizzes with answer keys and bonuses resources. 

The bonus Body Crash Course contains 9 additional videos with powerpoint slides for each video. 

The focus of this course is not content review, but critical thinking and strategies. The program is also designed to help you create a study plan based on your weaknesses and improve overall content comprehension and learning skills. It is not a content based program. 

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Learn how to completely shift the way you look at this exam by truly honing into the areas you are struggling with the most

Body Systems Crash Course

Learn how to quickly understand anatomy and physiology in 5 hours inside of our body systems crash course where Nurse Chioma reviews all of the 11 body systems. 


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