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Hi there! My name is Nurse Chioma Okeke. Who am I? Well I’m a nurse just like you. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree and I’ve worked in many different areas of nursing with my specialty being Medical Surgical/Telemetry. Don’t let my face fool you lol, I’ve been a nurse for several years. I precepted hundreds of new nurses into success and recently I accepted an award as Top Nurse for the International Nurses Association.

Why did I start ChoosingNursing? Well it’s because like you when I went into nursing school, it was hard. Probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my LIFE but you know what was even harder? My transition into nursing. And one thing I noticed from looking around is that I was not the only one. Just like you and many others I struggled, I had setbacks, doubts and frustrations and so much more. There were times where I even questioned if I wanted to still be a nurse. However as I began working, I got better and better at what I was doing. But one thing I noticed from looking around, not everyone did. I saw nursing students fail out of their nursing program, I saw students not get into the program, I saw nurses fail their NCLEX exam and I even saw nurse crying during their first months on the floor! For me this created VISION. And over the years, little by little I collected information, I observed and I’ve HELPED. But now I want to help on a larger SCALE. I want to help you!

And now that I’m an experienced nurse, I want to use the information I’ve learned to coach future nurses into success that wasn’t available to me. My goal is to help you grow from the time you’re thinking about becoming a nurse to the time you’re running on your own two feet. If you’re a single mother who went into nursing to support your children, I want to help you. If you’re 21 and just finished nursing but don’t know where to start, I want to help you. If nursing is a second career for you and you’re beyond terrified, I want to help you. I want to make this journey as easy for you as possible!

I help nursing school graduates prepare for the NCLEX exam so that they can pass on their first try and get their nursing license. I do this through my Solid Steps to NCLEX Success program that teaches them how to effectively study and overcome test anxiety to pass their exam with ease.


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