One Major Challenge With Nursing In Canada

As many of you know, one of the things with the NCLEX exam is that it is constantly changing. How it was graded, scored, computed ten years ago is not the same as how it is today.This is perfectly normal because it has to constantly adapt to the times, changes in healthcare, changes in nursing practice and so forth. Along with this as you already know the NCLEX was not also always tested on a computer as it is today.

On February 2, 1994, is when the last NCLEX-RN via paper and pencil was administered. Prior to that time, the exam could accommodate hundreds and hundreds of nurses in one area but with limited times and locations. So imagine having fewer dates to prepare for the exam as well as driving longer distances to take the exam. This could be challenging especially if you lived in a rural area. In addition, because there were no computers your test results from the exam were not as quickly available. You think you're anxiously stressing over waiting a few days for your results,...

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