7 Helpful Resources For Students & Nursing Graduates

Ready to succeed as a nurse?


Here are seven resources to help you get started and finish strong. 


1. Wyzant Tutoring

One of the things that really made a HUGE difference in my success during nursing school was getting help. Nursing is not a very easy subject to learn so it really helps a lot when you seek outside help. I recommend Wyzant tutoring because they have an excellent track record of tutors. They have hundreds of kinds of tutors including tutors for the NCLEX exam as well as other subjects such a math, reading, writing, SAT prep and more. If you struggle with learning on your own or finding an accountability partner then tutoring may be the best option for you. To learn more visit http://bit.ly/nclextutoringpartner



2. Magoosh

If you are a foreign nurse and you need preparation to complete your TOEFL exam, then Magoosh may be a great option for you. They have affordable payment options and you can even get started for free....

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